Consumer’s Vote Agrees with Moving to Philippines

In a post I wrote awhile back entitled U.S. Airlines Have Something to Learn In Asia and also in a followup I wrote about the differences between flight attendants in the U.S. airlines and the Asian airlines. Now the website Broken News Daily has highlighted a poll by which ranks the rudest U.S. flight attendants. Guess what? The airlines voted 1,2, and 3 are American, United, and Delta, all airlines that I have experienced substandard customer service from the flight attendants. And American Airlines is our least favorite due to attitude and flight delays. Anyway I’ve left a link to my original post and the latest poll at the bottom of this post. Until next time take care and Salamat Po.

I Love Flying Philippine Airlines

Which Airline Has the Worst ‘Tude?

Travelocity Information about  Asia_Manila, Philippines

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  1. Hilario(Larry) says:

    Dude you hit the nail on the head here man, Asia IS the best Airline folks in the world!!!!

    Salamat po

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